Welcome to our unique shop for parents and kids, therapists and teachers. Educational and therapeutic kits for kids to learn how to manage time and daily routine tasks. The kits are suitable for children age 4-12


Ravit is a mother of two sets of twins. she is an Art therapist (M.A) who has been working with children and youth for over 20 years through the creative medium of art. She is a Professional instructor and Specialized in CBT therapy. Her belief is that creativity and passion are the driving forces for development and growth

Merav Zimler is a mother of twins and is a Graphic Designer, Brand Architect and Product Developer. The passion for creativity is in her soul. Merav believes that a great product is worth a thousand words and that creativity is the window of self-expression
The Tikitime shop for happy parents and children

Our kits were developed through an understanding that it is important for children to learn to be independent imanaging their own time and tasks. We develop products that will help your family with your everyday tasks and activities