• Time Management Kit for Children
  • Time Management Kit for Children

Time Management Kit for Children


The time management for a daily routine tasks in the mornings and evenings


Product Description

Morning time is dragged out and you have to repeat everything you say to your children ten times? Before bedtime, he doesn’t want to take a shower and she’s thirsty, again

Tikitak pyramid will help your children with their morning and evening organization, and will help them be ready on time. With the pyramid’s help, your children will learn and internalize, easily and simply, how to complete their organization tasks.

Tikitak pyramid teaches children independent organization in the morning and evening, time management and how to Schedule their daily routine. Tikitak pyramid helps you kids to leave the house in the morning  and to fall asleep in the evening with a smile

The pyramid has two-sided cards, with morning organization tasks on one side and evening organization tasks on the other side. Your children will perform the activities on the cards, and as they complete each activity they will turn the card over. On the other side of the card they will find a smiling picture that confirms that the task has been completed

Tikitak pyramid accompanies your children until they are ready to leave the house in the morning and  fall asleep in the evening

Tikitak is not just another organization table for morning and evening, it is a unique and original game that children love. The kit is simple to use, inviting and fun for children

:The kit include

A pyramid board with morning tasks cards on one side and evening tasks cards on the other side 33*7

coloring pages. A daily achievement page as a reward follow up page

A two minute sand timer

A professional brochure for parents and a professional brochure for children
Recommended age: 4-9

Tikitak is recommended for children with attention deficit disorder

Tikitak pyramid is approved and recommended by the Adler Academy

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