tikitime specializes in children time management kits for education and therapy resources. our kits are for children and young adults of all abilities. we hope that you may find it useful for your needs. From our personal experience, we know, daily preparations might be frustrating for parents and children. Our hope is that Tikitime kits will help you make these times in the day more fun and calm. Our kits have been developed with the understanding that it is important for children to learn how to become independent in managing their own time and missions. We develop products that will help your family with their routine daily missions and activities.                                                                                                                                 All our products are in English or Hebrew for Hebrew speakers

Tikitak – Time Management Kit for Children

A daily routine planner for children, teaching time-management. Tikitak is a friendly cartoon character who encourages and guides your children to perform their daily routine tasks. With the help of Tikitak, your children will learn how to manage their time in the mornings and evenings. tikitime will help them be ready on time. Recommended and approved by the Adler academy

 Afternoon management kit for children

An educational kit for kids learning how to manage their time and daily routine missions. Everyday tasks are written on the pyramid cards and your child will perform the actions that appear on the cards during the noon and afternoon hours.

 Homework management kit for children

An auxiliary tool for learning and assimilation of learning skills. For independent preparation of homework, teaching the student how to manage his learning time.

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